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Huayuan Plasma Cutter

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LGK-63/100/120/200/300/400IGBT Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Brand:Huayuan
  • Size:63-400A
  • Parameters:220/380V,50/60Hz
  • Place of Origin:Chengdu China
  • Price:

Main Features

  >All the important parts in this plasma cutting machine like IGBT, diode, integrated circuit, relay, current and voltage regulator are world famous brand which have high reliability;

  >Soft switch technology, improve the IGBT and it`s reliability;

  >100%(40ºC)duty cycle, it is suitable for long time, heavy load, high temperature and bad circumstances;

  >Inverter control power source: Small volume, little weight and energy saving;

  >Current up-slope function: Reduce the impact on striking arc and decrease consumption of cutting torch parts;

  >Air pressure, hydraulic pressure sensor: Protect torch from being burnt efficiently;

  >Machine type setting: Arc striking signal, arc pressure signal, air supply control and arc pressure output function makes it specially suitable for CNC and robot cutting;

  >Two machines parallel use is available, double the output current to cutting extra-thickness material well.

Product Application

Mainly used for carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals and other metal materials manual, machine cutting

Widely used in boiler, chemical, pressure vessel manufacturing, industrial power plant installation, metallurgical construction, chemical construction, aerospace industry, automobile manufacturing and maintenance, building decoration, involving metal cutting industry.


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